Mercedes Mixtape Madness

Two of our artists – Napolitano Lounge Connection and Foley, have been selected for a Mercedes Benz mixtape!

This mixtape is part of a series of compilations that Mercedes Benz has been producing and which are available to download for free off their website. The idea may not be a particularly lucrative one for now, but it is unarguably a very positive move towards promoting some more of our artists to a wider and more varied public. It goes without saying that the Mixed Tape web page provides information about the participating artists including links to their website and any other relevant info.

Mercedes counted that in the previous 24 months they have had 22 million downloads! Now you do the maths as to what kind of publicity that can generate!
The tracks are also featured in a high quality Digipack Promotional CD, that is sent to the press in order to promote every new Mixed Tape edition.

In addition to this, a ‘Best Of Mixed Tape” will be uploaded every six months onto the iTunes store. If at that point our artists are selected for this ulterior mixtape, they will receive a sales compensation for every compilation bundle or single download that is made. Given the intensity of traffic on the iTunes music store and previous interest in the “Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape”, we expect this part of the offer to provide some serious financial rewards.

The tracks that were selected are “Grand Hotel Piranese” by Napolitano Lounge connection and “Gone Postal” by Foley. You should definitely check the mixtape out and let us know what you think:

bye now, enjoy…….

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