Podcasts Galore

Well the news of the day is that not one, not two, not three but four of our tracks were chosen to be podcasted on the very eminent website indieish.com!!! The tracks were Outang Swing, by Manu; Amigo!, by Papo Ross and Orquestra Pambiche; the Long Road Ohm, by The Alpha Rhythm; and Foua by Municipale Balcanica.
Chris, who’s blog is called CC:365 not only took the time to select some of our tracks, he even made nice little reviews for each of the ones he chose. You can find the three tracks and their mini-reviews in the following links:

So be sure to check those all out, and definitely bookmark the CC:365 blog because it promises to provide our ears with lots of extra-special creative commons music for some time to come!

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