London Astoria Theatre, December 12th – GBOB World Final:

The crowd could hardly supress their excitement when Heavy Mojo charged on stage and launched into their trademark full-frontal lyrical assault. People that had flocked to this historical venue with the objective of cheering on their respective bands were left dumbfounded when the Mojos kicked off with their brilliant funky-rap-metal fusion. The audience simply found it impossible to resist shaking some serious booty on the dancefloor.
There was no question about it: the judges loved them, the crowd loved them, we loved them (well obviously), how could anyone NOT love Heavy Mojo?

This event was oriented almost exclusively towards hard rock and heavy metal, and we feared that the hybrid Heavy Mojo sounds might prove too much of a departure from the norm. Most of the bands there tended to emulate over-faithfully the sounds and styles of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Korn, Radiohead or any of the other usual suspects. To be fair to all of the performers this is an extremely difficult competition, given that every band is given strictly 8minutes to woo a notoriously partisan audience. In the end it was precisely their very original and highly-versatile sound, and their evident professionalism, that helped the Mojos scoop the first prize.
We look forward very much to see Heavy Mojo back in England soon. Watch this space for details on upcoming shows in the New Year in and around the UK and Europe.

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