Kids OnAir Against The Mafia!

Last week we were contacted by a representative of a Southern Italian cultural association called RadioKreattiva. is an online radio station that was developed in order to tackle corruption and the Mafia and the need for children to express themselves and create their own identity through communication and exchange. The station is run by children who are between the ages of 9 and 12 and who come from the southern city of Bari. The episodes are introduced by a grown-up but are otherwise entirely hosted by the children who get to discuss many topics that are important for them. The issue of the Mafia and corruption is one of the most discussed and tends to overshadow a lot of the shows’ different themes.

It would seem obvious that a project of this kind not only benefits those involved but also those who listen to it and most importantly the regional government whose job it is to fight the mafia and corruption. As a result it would appear essential that a not-for-profit radio of this kind be given as much support as possible including, for example, a possible subsidisation or agreement with the SIAE (the Italian Royalties Collecting Society) to allow the radio to play music free of charge or at least at accessible prices. After all what kind of a radio is it if it doesn’t have music? You will at this point have guessed that this is not the case. The association was stuck with a great idea, the desire to get it off the ground, the means to kick start it into action but an inability to access any kind of music that could soften it around the edges and attract listeners from far and wide. That is until a quick search on the internet brought fourth the word BeatPick and they discovered that after all not all was lost….

For their first episode, the kids at Radiokreativa chose to use the music of our Municipale Balcanica who they were glad to discover come from exactly their neck of the woods. For their next one who knows… I’m, sure I’m going to tune in and find out, you should too!

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  1. Jakob says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Kids OnAir Against The Mafia!. Thanks for informative article

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