Sean Haefeli & Mercedes Benz


Congratulations to one of our many artists Sean Haefeli, on being a part of Mercedes newest Mixed Tape compilation CD 17! The Mercedes Mixed Tape combines 15 brand new artists from all around the world into a unique collection of jazz, pop and electronic sound. Mercedes is continuously on the look out for new exciting artists so it comes to no surprise to us BeatPickers that Sean Haefeli’s song Off Speed, was chosen to join the many other artists on this compilation. Not only will Off Speed be on this promotional CD, which is sent out to hundreds of influential journalists, but it will be available for download for free off the Mercedes website, What is really amazing is that within 24 months this site had more than 20 million downloads! Think of all that free publicity for our artists like Sean Haefeli!

This is just the beginning for our BeatPick artists! Every six months Mercedes creates a new compilation of songs from their mix tapes called the “Best Of Mixed Tape” which is uploaded onto the iTunes store. If selected for this collection, our artists will receive a sales compensation for every compilation bundle or single download that is made. Wow, tons of free publicity and potential financial gain…and here I thought Mercedes just made cars! So once again, congratulations to Sean Haefeli for a well deserved spot on the Mercedes MixTape collection, CD17.

Download for free and let us know what you think. Who knows, maybe your music is next!

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