Freies Radio Kassel, Germany

Here at BeatPick, we are always on the look out for interesting contacts to publicize our artists even further. Working with Radio DJ’s is a great way to get our new artists out there and create a more diverse fan base, making a musician from the United States popular overseas and visa-versa. Freies Radio Kassel is a non-profit German Radio station that has a monthly show to promote free music, also known as “Open Source Audio”. This past June 5th 2007, four of our many artists were chosen to be broadcasted by Freies Radio. These artists’ works were also aired the following night June 6th and will eventually be available as a podcast download.

Freies Radio broadcasting will build a new German fan base for the chosen artists, something that -even through a non profit radio station- should be taken advantage of! So Congratulations to Autobam, Cato_six, Kingbastard and Cooler for their amazing selected beats!

Here is the link (its in German!)

The Podcast Download is Here!!

(short) (in german)

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