OHNs’ Revolutionary Revolution

ohn.jpg Calling on all synthesizers, break beats, trumpet, saxophone, electronic, jazz and down-tempo lovers, OHN has sparked an electronic revolution! OHN is an Austin, Texas based band thriving in the lime light of their newest album, Revolutionary Revolution, their 3rd album released by Ill Dough Productions. Not only are their songs climbing the charts of radio stations such as CMJ RPM radio but a video for their third track Big Lie is already in the works with RobotBoy Films. It’s no wonder, because these new tracks are finger-snapping good. Revolutionary Revolution is soaked in smooth jazzy beats that intertwine with electronic sound, giving you a chilled relaxed feeling with a dash of energy.

Their first track Attention, is literally that. Its driving beats will grab your attention and lead you into a sweet guitar break. But don’t be fooled, the tracks to follow are a mix of medium and fast tempo with just as much instrumental creativity. The World is Beautiful for instance, begins with a touch of Latin spice that gradually enhances into a beautiful electronic sound with lyrics to match.

The album’s vocals by Allison Sharf, are a touch of Madonna yet silky, with each track having something great to offer, whether it sample vocals, some funk, sultry rhythms, flute or sexy guitar solos, you will find yourself wanting more. Need a better picture of how sweet this album is? Picture yourself in a chic sushi bar with groovy upbeat customers and rolled cigarettes-where everyone is sexy. Enjoy the sweetness here, at BeatPick.com.

OHN Band Members: Bildeaux, Allison Sharf, Chris Forshage, Andrew Tachovsky, Brad Houser, Joe Santori, Bob Amonett, Laura Scarborough.

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