Beatpick Track of the week: “Radio” by The Sugar People

Does every day life get you down? Feel like you have no control on your life? The Sugar People‘s solution is a simple yet ever-functional one: tune into the radio and look for that special tune to lift your spirits…

And a very special tune it is indeed: ever since up and coming musette from Michigan Brandy Sweat hits the first note on the chorus, the listener is immediately locked into the melody, and the ride that follows concedes no give-up. The structure of the tune rotates around two opposing moments: (lead singer) Jake Stamper‘s almost motown, yet somewhat moody, verses are the description of every day stress in the modern era, while the chorus opens the song up to a solar, uplifting feeling – ideally, the moment when the main character “Turns it up, it’s on the Radio“.

As much of an ode to the first musical mass-media as Queen’s “Radio Ga-Ga”, “Radio“‘s strength lies heavily in the arrangement department. Oscillating with ease between a soft RnB feeling and a more guitar-driven Funky attitude, the song reaches its climax with the sudden entrance of orchestral samples in the Bridge section: a high-point underlined by Stamper’s existential questioning “is there an answer to this mystery?”.

The Sugar People “Sugaroses Black”

Sugaroses Black is The Sugar People’s third album, a further confirmation of the crystal-clear talent the band has to offer, and very probably their most valuable songwriting effort to date, where their love for a soft-edge contamination between white pop and black funk/soul reaches its full potential. The record, an ideal prosecution of 2005’s “Sugaroses red” features other classic tunes such as “Honey“, “In the Colour Blue” and Syncopate”.

Download the track for free!: click here.

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