Beatpick Track of the Week : “Pollution Sunrise” by cato_six

As our more loyal followers surely know, is home to many young and upcoming experimental Electronica artists, from Glitch and IDM scientists to more outer-space, kraut-inspired material.

London-based Jamie Cato, aka cato_six, started his experimenting at the end of the 90s, inspired both by Aphex Twin and more traditionally “Rock” artists such as Nick Cave and Sonic Youth. After handling many high profile remixes, his style found a precise composing method based on the use of the Reaktor software combined with acoustic samples and “on the fly” granular processing (often executed through the use of personally modified Drum Machines, samplers and Sound FX).


“Pollution Sunrise” is the second track from his 2005 EP offering uc8ic16, and is a wonderful example of what Jamie has in store for those who wish to explore his mysterious and avant-garde soundscapes. As a female voice recites names of cities from each continent, a harmonious dialectic takes place between epic keyboards/acoustic samples and hectic yet almost melodic Glitch beats.

In fact, in close connection with the occasional male voices’ phrase (“this song’s for her, wherever she may be“), the processed beats seem to actually take emotional life and participate in the sense of longing the ideal protagonist is living, in not knowing where his inspirational muse may be on the globe. The constant stop-and-go structure (a common characteristic of Cato’s work) almost perfectly traces the rhythm of thoughts running through a puzzled and lonely mind, a further demonstration of the profound sensitivity in play on this track.

Jamie is definitely rising to cult notoriety after collaborations with musicians such as the Black Cherry Company, video artists such as Julian Ledlin, and even a recent live Second Life exhibition for Electronic Music Club Trash Palace. For more cato_six tracks, visit his profile on

To download this track for free, click here.

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