BeatPick Artist Signs with SRC/Universal



Recently, Heavy Mojo, a band we are particularly proud of here at, notified us that they had been signed with SRC/Universal Motown, a major record label! As sad as we are to see them leave, we are ecstatic for them!

When it comes to Indie artists, us BeatPickers do all we can to commission an artist’s creation. Not only do we make our artists some extra cash but we promote their music professionally at no cost or loss of creative rights. Artists finally have a fair outlet into the the music industry, film and tv. As for Heavy Mojo, a band of this a high caliber super ceded the services that any Indie Label like BeatPick could offer.

With a killer live show that could rival any hardcore band, Heavy Mojo continues to revolutionize and revitalize hip hop, so its no wonder that they have been signed by such a major label! SRC Records is a joint venture between Rifkind and Universal Motown Records, a division Universal Music Group, and the world’s leading music company with wholly owned record operations and licensees in 77 countries. They have worked with artists such as David Banner, Terror Squad, Akon and Young Jeezy.

They are currently recording their first major label release and we can’t wait to hear it! If you are interested in licensing some of Heavy Mojo’s songs before they’re gone, then do it by July 25th, when Beatpick must say goodbye to its artist and wish them a happy and successful career with SRC/Universal!


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