B.D. Lenz Straight Up


Straight Up is what jazz lovers everywhere will soon be calling their newest favorite album. Is that too bold? No way!

    B.D. Lenz newest album Straight Up, is straight up jazz and straight up amazing! Having played guitar since the age of 14 and graduated with honors from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood California, it’s no wonder that he can fuse jazz, soul and funk into a beautiful combination of melodic jazz funk. Straight Up is BD Lenz’s third project with Apria Record label, (a U.S. based label featuring jazz, R&B, smooth jazz and Latin artists). This third album takes a very outgoing, free spirited kind of style that allows the band to be really creative. B.D. Lenz is said to have, “agonized over every tune and is always modifying each song”, making each track a collection of instrumental genius that makes us ‘BeatPickers’, proud to promote on our site.
    Straight Up, consists of ten amazing tracks all ranging from slow tempo to medium fast tempo rhythms. This definitely gives the listener a chance to hear a variety of jazz for chill nights at home, or for cocktail hour on a night on the town. Straight Up’s first track “Uh Huh”, is a nice introduction into B.D. Lenz’s live vibe style. It’s upbeat and confident, with a touch of piano to bring in that cool classy feel. Track 5, “Love, as a flower blossoms”, is beautifully done with slow tempo piano keys complimented by a heartbreaking guitar. This track pulls at ones emotions; it’s sad yet uplifting and instrumentally poetically brilliant and one of my favorite on this album.

    There is no need for convincing, if you love jazz music with a taste of something extra, then don’t hesitate to check out this album and hear for yourself. If anything, it’s a winner and just another great reason why B.D. Lenz is one of New Jersey’s Top 20 up-and-coming jazz musicians. Hear it here at Beatpick.com.

Band Members: B.D. Lenz (guitar), Geoff Mattoon (sax), Joe Ashlar (keys), James Rosocha (bass), Tom Cottone (drums), Joe Meckler (percussion).

If you would like to check out B.D. Lenz on myspace click here.


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