Tony Cash’s Ripple Effect on the Rap community


Meet one of the newest and fewest legit rappers out there, Tony Cash.   Tony Cash is from Detroit Michigan, and has been an artist for over ten years. His main influences are Redman, Methodman, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Ghetto Boys, Dr. Dre and N.W.A., and many many more.  Already labeled as one of the top up and coming underground rappers, it’s no wonder that his album is titled the Ripple Effect, because this album is literally making ripples in the rap community.  

Ripple Effect brings gangsta rap back to its true roots, with pumped up beats and lyrics to match, making this album fit for any low-rider’s stereo. Forget about the played out ‘bitches and hoes’ kind of lyrics, this album actually has something to offer society besides oversized ‘bling bling’.
Tracks that really stands out on Ripple Effect are “Gone Get It” and “Success”. Straight up street smart, these tracks are lyrically up to date with the politics of street life, fellow rappers and today’s politicians. Tony Cash is going to get success no matter what comes at him.
Blunt and tough is how we like it here at and the track, “My Level” brings both to the table. This powerful track raps about Tony Cash’s entrance into the Midwest rap scene and describes the inner-city life surrounded his rise. “What do haters want from me?” he asks, well it’s obvious to us- His talent!

To hear this latest album click here.

Tony Cash’s production label O-Face Productions, is involved in the tracks on the album.  His family and close friends involved on this alubm are Jugg, Complex, Phat Roc, Big Steve, and G-Wizz.

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