Beatpick & SecondLife


This past June 21st 2007, for the first time ever, the European Festival of Music (a free live music celebration held every summer in European cities), was held in Second Life! What is Second Life you ask? Well, let me tell you-it is the strangest, most fascinating and coolest freaking thing on the net. It is a 3-D virtual world entirely constructed and owned by its 8,006,758 users from around the globe. What makes it even cooler to us Beatpickers is that two of our Italian artists, Piergiorgio Lucidi and Leo Pari, performed at this virtual event in 3d characters! It gets even cooler, because not only did two of our artists join this event but so did one of our very own BeatPick colleagues, Teodoro Pizzolante and his band Madreperla!

Second Life has incorporated all aspects of real life on the Internet, so it comes to no surprise that this virtual world has opened it doors to the music industry, because for us, what is life without music? Independent artists now have another outlet for reaching a global fan base with little expense or effort!

[“Second Life is the future right now, offering endless possibilities for artists” Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran]

What will come next for Second Life and Beatpick…maybe a BeatPick office in this virtual world? Who knows, but for now, stay tuned and rock out to our artists video performance on second life!!

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