Beatpick Track of The Week: “Any Way U Look At It” by OHN

Thought-provoking, genre-crossing Pop-Rock laboratory OHN are at the moment working hard on promoting their latest album “Revolutionary Revolution“, certainly the most mature piece of work the Austin-based ensemble have published so far.

The band’s formation is in constant evolution, having dropped from seven elements to just four, and with the fundamental addition of female vocalist Allison Scharf, who plays a key-role in the new album’s sound: an often brilliant crossover between Electronic Rock/Pop and more complex influences, such as Dub, Jazz and Downtempo.


Any Way U Look At It” is a wonderful example of what OHN’s sound is today: starting with a percussion-driven Funk Groove, and soon developing into a masterful post-modern Pop patchwork, the song leaves no grounds unexplored, constantly swinging between jazzy sax solos, ethnic Downtempo Dance and highly melodic vocal interventions.

And as mastermind Bill Sarver‘s elaborate texture rolls into full charge, Scharf’s vocals invite the listener to find empowerment in the modern Era, to “stand up, and ask the right questions…Stop acting so,so mad“: each sentence she pronounces is immediately underlined by the Sax, in a Question-Answer structure that leaves the phrases floating in the listener’s head, with undeniable hypnotic effect.

Any way you look at it you can’t lose“: optimistic and uplifting, the chorus carries the listener towards an almost ambient-jazz bridge section, where the soulful Electronica OHN proposed in their first two albums regains the full center of the stage. Such transitions only great musicians and songwriters can afford to attempt.

To download the full track for free, click here.

OHN will be playing live at the next NAMM convention on July the 27th, and continue to attract attention from both public and music lovers, as recent use of their music for PBS television show Roadtrip Nation demonstrates. Listen to all OHN albums from their Beatpick Profile, here.

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