ICommons Summit 2007


Every year the founders and true innovators of Creative Commons (CC) come together at the ICommons Summit to discuss, motivate, innovate and broaden peoples’ knowledge and awareness of the CC, this past month June 15th, held in Dubrovnik. ICommons is supported by the top innovative Internet companies from around the globe whose business’s success is based on a free Internet. They believe and recognize the full potential of commons-based peer production for enhancing their networks and success while doing it in a way that benefits all of humanity.

During the ICommons Summit, the founder of CC, Lawrence Lessig, discussed the endless possibilities of using the cc and how it is economically sound and profits all who use it. He also explained that the future of CC lies in what he called the “crossover” possibility for users, to pass from free services to commercial licensing within the same web site. BeatPick was ecstatic to find that Lessig’s example for such a new typology of web sites, was yours’ truly BeatPick.com! Creative Commons is the basis of how BeatPick works; giving independent artists greater opportunities to break into the money crazed music industry. Without Lessig’s ideas and revisions of the Internet, society and copyright laws, BeatPick wouldn’t be here today.

[“It is no accident that those who understand this are those closest to technology. Our challenge will be to find ways to explain it so other creators get it as well. “Lawrence Lessig.

As always, our hats off to the creators and innovators of what we believe to be the best thing to happen for all struggling artists in every field. To see BeatPicks placement within the ICommons Summit, click and watch the video below. Our site shows up on the big screen about fifteen minutes into Lessig’s presentation.

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ICommons Summit 2007, youtube

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