Howard Richards Piano Styles


Howard Richards has been playing piano since he was five years old, barely reaching the pedals yet finding the keys like it was meant to be. His life has been dedicated to the piano and his passion for those ivory keys has led him to create a complex melodic and harmonic compilation called Piano styles. Piano Styles is an album of mixed tempos, each track playing beautiful notes that only a master of the piano could harness.

Richards’ CD focuses on the lighter and upbeat side of the piano, focusing less on lower notes and staying true to a more slapstick jazzy sound. Tracks like “Just For Fun,” is very playful and sounds like a fun walk through a city park with the possibility of falling into a pond. It’s a perfect fit for a Charlie Chaplin film. If you are more of a fast on-the-go kind of Jazz lover, than track number 2 “Rondo”, is just for you. “Rondo” shows the more serious piano side of Howard Richards, giving the listener a chance to hear his versatility on the piano hence, the albums’ name Piano Styles. Richard’s piano solos have proven that he is one of the finest Jazz pianists out there.

If you’re a jazz buff or just love the harmonic sounds of the piano, then listen to his album for free, here at Don’t miss out- Piano Styles is certainly worth the listen!

To check out Howard Richards personal site click here.

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