BeatPick does Music- Not Politics

This past week, two of BeatPick’s artists, Henrik Frenzel and Simon Wolfe, were selected for the soundtrack of a nonprofit video created by the Majority Leaders’ Office of Steny Hoyer, in Washington D.C. The Majority Leader is the second-ranking official in the United States House of Representatives. That’s huge, but what is more important to us BeatPickers, is not the politics of this debate but the music surrounding it (yes, politics are important to, but BeatPick does music not politics)!

The video begins with a serious tone, using Henrik Frenzel’s song “See You in Paris,” which is a beautiful slow tempo score from his album Wide Screen Music. The uplifting turn in the video is when Simon Wolfe’s “Power and Glory”, from his album Moving Sound, takes over. The song is a powerful motivational vote for change.

No one can deny that adding music to political statements makes it that much more emotionally stimulating. Who can blame them when most people think of politics they think BORING. Without Henrik Frenzel and Simon Wolfe’s songs, this video would have been just that, less meaningful, boring and impersonal. And not only does an important issue actually receive more attention but so do our much deserving artists.

In no way do the songs of our artists in this video represent their personal opinion. BeatPick and our artists are neither Republican nor Democratic, nor American or European, nor Eastside or Westside! What BeatPick is, what we are, and proud to be, is a FairPlay Music label.

Link to the video and to their website

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