The Epic Scores of Demetrios Katis


Demetrios Katis was born in Athens, Greece and has been composing songs for over twenty years. Since the age of 17, Demetrios has proven his talent through many awards for his historically driven sound and has been published in London, the U.K. and the Netherlands.

Epic Scores, is a compilation of Demetrios’s best tracks; each track offering a haunting, mysterious and enchanting soundtrack to historical battles, mythological stories, past emperors and more. Each score is composed through a dramatically brilliant orchestra that’s full of emotion and imagination that is woven with an intensity that cannot be ignored. The President of the Greek Parliament, Mr. Kaklamanis, publicly acclaimed Demetrios for his work and the board of directors of the educational institute in Athens have unanimously approved one of Demetris’ albums, Blazing March, to be included as part of the high school curriculum in music. There is no greater acknowledgment than to be used in a teaching curriculum for thousands of students, making this one of many reasons why BeatPick is proud to post Demetrios Katis on our site.

Demetrios Katis’s continues to create rich orchestral symphonic tunes of mythological and historical music. His intense passion for his work has led to many projects, not only with major film music libraries, but even taking him as far as producing and presenting his own radio programme “The Dance of the Danas,” on “Athens 9.84 FM”. Epic Scores is emotionally stimulating and is an album that will motivate and enchant your thoughts, listen here, at


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