Long Overdue for IZM

izm_photo2.jpgLike most producers, Joe Preston a.k.a IZM, started out DJing electronic music and progressed into other genres and styles, eventually leading him into producing hip-hop. IZM’s talent has kept him in the game for over a decade and he has worked with a variety of different artists like Mac Mall, Butthole Surfers and Peaches. When describing his music IZM created his own genre, stating that his music is, “Music to make you think and dance to; Ghetto Electronic”. He couldn’t have picked a better title for his style! IZM’s collection of “Ghetto Electronic” music can be heard on his album Long Overdue.

Long Overdue features different MC’s mirroring such artists like Snoop dogg and Dr. Dre with explicit lyrics and an attitude to match. The combination of turntables, samplers, computers and smart lyrics, gives his work a tough street drum and bass with an extra bling of electronic sound not normally found in hip-hop. A perfect example of IZM’s style is his remix of “Pushback”, which has a stronger electronic side than his original “Pushback” track, both featuring the artists Shaya and MGK . The original “Pushback” is smooth, with a medium slow tempo and a dash of modern beats, making this track attractively cool. The remix has an upbeat and slight funk to it, you could say that its been ‘electronically pimped-out’, something that Snoop Dogg himself would bark at.

A refreshing sound on the album is “Doing My Thang”, with vocal rap done by Bhold. This poppy hip-hop track reminds us Beatpickers of Biggie Smalls “Hypnotize”. The vocals and classy feeling you get when hearing this track makes it easy to see that Bhold and IZM are a winning combination. Other favorites on this album are “Soldier’s March” and “Understand Why”, both lyrically and instrumentally strong.

Long Overdue shows the versatility and expertise of IZM’s cross-genre production, with subtle electronic sound to truly compliment traditional hip-hop beats. The amazing talents involved in making this compilation cannot be ignored! Both IZM and the artists involved in the tracks, Bhold, Shaya, MGK, Brovabey, T.O.C. and Xpert bring something new to the worn-out table of hip-hop, making this album the pick of the month. Hear it for yourself, right here at Beatpick.com!

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  1. dotcom says:

    Izm is nice. These beats are so sick

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