The Inner Structure of….


If you love the Chemical Brothers, Nax_Acid or Daft Punk then you’ll love Alessandro Dal Cin and Marco Dal Cin a.k.a Egocentrix. Egocentrix is an amazing electronic duo from Milan, Italy. Their music is upbeat electronic dance music that spits out energy – sending everyone on the dance floor positive vibes.

Their album, Inner Structure, is full of crazy beats woven together flawlessly, making this album one of my top favorites here at Their first track, “Street Samurai”, is right up there with The Chemical Brothers. It’s fast pace tempo, amazing beats and samples are arranged in such a way that you can’t help but let it hold your limbs hostage and make you break dance. The beats on this album are so professionally done that it seems as if Egocentrix produced these tracks effortlessly.

“Boho Dance”, the second track on Egocentrix’s album, reminds me of Daft Punk’s style with an amazing ability to skew vocals without over shadowing the beats. Exciting, fun and optimistic, this track will only leave you with a smile and a feeling of invincibility on the dance floor. Its no wonder that this invincible duo call them selves Egocentrix, because Inner Structure is truly a work of art! Listen to Inner Structure right here at!



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