Leo Pari writes V-Day hymn


The co-operation between our very own Leo Pari and popular Italian comedian Beppe Grillo marches on in the typically incendiary fashion that has counter-marked all the Genovese satire master’s latest actions.

Grillo, some kind of a Poltergeist for the Italian political class, is organizing an initiative called V-day (Vaffanculo Day, ie. “The Fuck off Day”), which will see the participation of thousands of Italian people in the main squares of over 180 cities across the country. The demonstration is aimed straight against the Italian parliament and government, and proposes to sign a series of documents and flyers that protest against an ever more static political regime.

For such an important move in his own campaigns, Grillo needed an official hymn, and unsurprisingly his first choice was Beatpick’s Leo Pari, who had already recorded a track featuring Grillo samples, “Un Grillo per la testa”. The track was used as introduction to the shows in the comedian’s tours across Italy.

Pari’s new Grillo-centered track is just as uncompromising as one would expect, featuring a furious Grillo sample (as well as a tiny sample from Italian trash hero Marco Masini‘s 1991 hit “Vaffanculo”) and a hard-hitting video that advances heavy criticism to both sides involved in the Italian political arena.

Check out Leo Pari’s Beatpick profile, here.

To download “Un Grillo per la Testa” for free, click here.

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