Beatpick Track of the Week: “Understand Why” by IZM


Many studies have been made reagrding what attracts the average white middle-class person to the problems of afro-american communities of the USA, so crudely recounted in many Hip Hop stars’ words. Apparently Hip Hop audiences are in fact mainly constituted by a mass of white voyeurs, curious to get insight into a culture so distant from their own. So, why not, let us at Beatpick participate in this role play too, and express all our voyeuristic love for this track!

And believe us, there’s many reasons for such enthusiasm.

First of all, the mastermind behind “Understand Why” is in fact a white producer, whose understanding of Hip Hop culture and sound processing is profound enough to compete with all better known international Rap production moguls. Joe Preston, aka IZM, has been working in the West Coast scene long enough to know exactly how to transform a track into an underground classic, with such taste for electronic insertions and beats it’s hard to hold still while listening.

Add to such premises MC T.O.C.‘s furious flow regarding the complex relationships between American black communities and the USA, and the bomb-track is complete. “I can’t trust this Government, I can’t call the police, who the fuck can trust? Understand why I’m trusting the streets“: pure gangsta poetics, such ghetto-centric imagery one would suddenly think we’re back in Compton, L.A., at the beginning of the nineties…

At Beatpick we’re proud of our ever-growing Hip Hop section: check out a few of our artists, from sophisticated Toolshed Productions to quirky gangsta virtuoso Killa Kat… And of course one of our new favourites, bling-obsessed Hip Hop heavyweight Tony Cash

To download “Understand Why” for free, click here.

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