BeatPick Artists do Retail Advertising!

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Original Marines is a popular family clothing line with franchises all over Italy. Recently, this clothing retailer licensed ten amazing songs from our artists for their in-store advertisement. These songs will air in every store for three months in an in-store advertisement that screens Original Marine’s up and coming autumn and winter collection! Original Marines is located in all major cities in Italy making this a great opportunity for our artists to gain more exposure and a new audience.

Songs involved in this advertisement include “Down the Drain” by Sleeve Channel, “Blumenau” by Napolitano Lounge Connection, “Mojo’s Last Stand” and “Blow Out the Sound” by Heavy Mojo, “Second Time” and “Tonight” by Nell Bryden, “Sourcrout” by Foley, “The Dude” by Carl Moses, “Bubblegum” by Ohn.

You can bet that these songs were carefully picked to reflect the company image and the target audience, thus creating an ambience and energy level that truly makes a difference in the shopping experience. Such attention to a customers’ experience has proven to increase dwell time and customer engagement within a store. If this is what Original Marines is looking for, than I think they bit off more than they could chew because these songs are hotter than the autumn fall collection! So again, Congratulations to our artists involved in this project!

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  1. Great job! I love how easily you convey your information and make it such a quick read!

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