Fair Music & BeatPick


Fair Music is one of the first global initiative for fairness and justice in the music business. This web log discusses news, background and stories about fairness in the music business and lack there of. This site brings an awareness to the fact that artists don’t always receive their fair share of every CD bought and every song downloaded and do not have complete artistic freedom with their work. It is a long standing debate between an audience having the right to listen to the music they want without the strings attached, and the artists having the right to receive proper recognition and compensation for their work without losing their identity in a major label or the royalties they deserve.

Fair Music is supported by many big organizations like European Music Council, World Culture Forum Alliance, International Music Council and UNESCO. These international organizations and NGOs cultural support initiatives fall within the scope of Fair Music’s objective in the field of music. All of which are striving for fairness in the creation, production, distribution, access and enjoyment of cultural expressions! To join their cause, sign Fair Music’s Fair Music Manifesto’s seven initiatives. These initiatives focus on having a code of conduct for the music industry, so that fairness and justice are no longer considered to be exceptions but become the norm!

Recently, Fair Music site named BeatPick as an example of how new business models for music distribution can balance the interests of artists, producers, customers and marketers justly. Here at Beatpick, we offer audiences and artists a trusted label that can offer musical diversity, recognition and compensation. BeatPick proves that a code of conduct in the music industry is profitable!

If you are reading this article and don’t seem to understand why the Fair Music site is a big deal then close your browser, turn off your computer, leave your ipod and walk away because your favorite artists deserve more from you!

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