Travel Channel Tv Ad

Recently, one of our most popular artists Mole, was selected by Weebeastie, an Ad agency who provides some of the most creative and high quality adverts on TV, just check out their Lexus commercial and you can see why we are so excited! Weebeastie chose our artist for a TV advertisement promoting the Travel Channel. This advertisement will be distributed in the U.S. and Europe on all Travel Channel affiliate programs with Mole’s song “Dive”, as the background. Opportunities like this are an amazing outlet for our globe2.jpg

independent artists that struggle for more publicity and recognition of their work. Advertisements for TV like that of the Travel Channel is just one of many commercial projects involving BeatPick. Stick around, maybe your music submission will find its way into every household via television commercials!

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  1. Nice To Post Here – hope the day is great, I found your blog searching for Travel Channel Tv Ad, but wanted info on creative artists agency . Glad I found it.

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