Beatpick Track of the Week: “Under The Water” by You Are A Hologram

At we’re proud of the ever-growing variety of music in our roster. And, of course, we’re even prouder of the high quality standard of the new bands we are signing.

One of such bands is the Art-Rock duo from Nashville You Are A Hologram, whose eponymous debut album is a passionate demonstration of an evolving alternative Rock scene under the surface of what is better known as the eternal hometown of traditional Country music.

E ddie Mangrum and Matt Michiels’ style has its’ roots somewhere between such American tradition, a more British, moody side, and an almost EMO theme basis. If you add to that an interesting, almost experimental approach to processed drums and beats, the mixture could be seen as an actual marriage between modernity and classic rock.


Opening track “Under the Water” is probably the finest example of the duo’s songwriting skills: an emotional and inspiring semi-ballad based on a more traditionally Nashville tempo, in which the structure leads to a gradual, subtle growth of intensity the further the track goes along. Ideally such a progression is the perfect accompaniment to the “main character”‘s personal evolution: the track starts with a fragile and almost doubtful voice/guitar verse describing the disillusion about man’s limits (“I can breath, I can breathe under the water….I can fly, I can try harder and harder“), yet grows steadily towards an ending that is slowly more and more full of hope and optimism (“I still believe in the things that brought us together“); in particular this can be observed in the magnificent guitar-work, where the taste for delicate chord progression drives the project into more psychedelic, almost shoegazing territories (the My Bloody Valentine influence appears quite evident also in other tracks on the album – in particular “Fast Ones“).

If you want to download the track for free, click here.

To visit YAAH’s Beatpick profile, click here.

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  1. Sounds good. When is the album coming out?

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