The Beautifull voice of Jamie K


It’s great to hear the hundreds of music submissions from brand new artists, but it’s even better when BeatPick gets a submission like Jamie K Crawford, a new artist who is out-of-this-world talented. jamie_k_cover.jpg

Jamie is a classically trained pianist, soulful vocalist and a wonderful song writer. Her self titled album Jamie K, brings all three of these talents into a beautiful piece of work. Jamie K is full of sultry vocals and classy beats making this album perfect for any cool lounge.

Throughout the album the piano’s strong presence compliments Jamie’s soulful vocals. Songs like “Dare to Dream” and “Broken keys”, are two of Jamie K’s strongest tracks. “Dare to Dream” is about Jamie’s new found passion for her music and talent, something that she had almost lost faith in years ago. Sincere and real, this track really delivers emotion and reminds us BeatPickers of Tori Amos. “Broken Keys” has a more serious and cool beat, accompanied by a beautiful violin and piano entrance. Lyrically, this track gets two thumbs up, three thumbs if I had a third! Another favourite on this album is “Love’s Mistake”. This track is much more R&B and less soft-pop and makes me think of Alicia Keys. On this track Jamie pushes a higher note and a faster beat which subtlety shows off her vocal range.

When asked her thoughts on her music Jamie said, “I’m finally in the place I’ve always wanted my music to be. I feel like my current musical vision is crafted in the new album. I want all of the listener’s senses to be engaged in the experience of the music. My time is coming and I am excited for the world to listen.” It’s no doubt that the powerful tracks on Jamie K are going to make her musical vision come to life and make this album a success. Want to brighten up your day- then take a break with Jamie K, here at


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