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Striking Media Music is one of BeatPicks newest artists who have a lot to offer the music industry. Striking Media Music is a partnership that was created in February of 2007 by Dan Cullen and Deryn Cullen. Dan and Deryn have over twenty years experience in music, offering decades of experience in the areas of musical composition, performance and education. Both are involved in many projects including creating compositions for Mica Films, and are currently composing music for the soundtrack of a sci-fi film that will be released October of this year.

ddstriking22.jpgStriking Media Music’s latest album, Beanstalk Suite, is a beautiful compilation of classical symphonic and contemporary orchestra music.

Each instrumental ensemble offers a variety of emotions- each mood changing with striking transitions that remind me of another BeatPick artist, Demetrios Katis. Beanstalk’s first track, “Phee” is full of suspense and drama, making this piece of work epic and powerful and certainly unforgettable. This track is perfect for the ‘big screen’ and will certainly give listeners a sense of awe. One of my favourite tracks on the album is “Phi”, a dramatic score full of piano ups and downs with empowering climactic points. Every time I hear “Phi” I think of a frenzy circus show full of chaotic events, beautiful costumes and a theatrical tragedy happening on stage. “Phi” is absolutely brilliant.

“Phum”, the last track on the album, is dark and dangerous classic contemporary that sounds similar to Shostakovich. If Alfred Hitchcock was alive today there is no doubt in my mind that this track would be implemented into one of his famous horror mystery flicks. It gives me goose bumps just listening to it.

On that note, Phee Phi Pho Phum- if you don’t listen to this album then you are dumb! OK you’re not dumb but you’d certainly be missing out on an amazing creation. The talent behind Beanstalk Suite is striking and worth the listen. It’s no wonder that Dan and Deryn call themselves Striking Media Music! Listen to Beanstalk Suite here, at


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