Beatpick Track of the Week: “Barcelona” by WhiteRoom

Is it really possible to transcend the Beatles‘ legacy in modern Rock music? Such an argument is forever present in music literature and in everyday discussions: while some may indicate Electronic music, or pre-Beatles Folk as examples of traditions untouched by the Fab Four, many others are convinced their impact on the musical world is quite simply omnipresent.

What’s a simple fact is that the amount of bands who have attempted tributes or mere imitations of the Liverpool lads’ work is outstandingly long, and goes from levels of pure brilliance (as with bands such as XTC or the Electric Light Orchestra, or single artists as the unfortunate Daniel Johnston) to the downright mediocre.


What’s quite unusual is to find a band that has the courage to tribute the Beatles’ more complex, orchestral, Sgt.Pepper-phase works within an indie-produced debut album. And that is what makes WhiteRoom‘s “Barcelona” such a surprising and ambitious piece of work.

The Montreal band – headed by Alex Dray and Eddy Silva – is attracting much attention thanks to a well-orchestrated series of tracks that swing between many moods, with an undeniable fascination for the sulky laments of Thom Yorke & co.

Yet at the track that caught most attention was one that is more of an excursus than a trademark for the band: with its’ roots placed firmly in Lennon’s “When I’m 64, “Barcelona” proceeds to capture exactly the atmosphere of the song it tributes, even transforming Montreal into somewhat of an English cottage location (“We talk for hours, but don’t use words, then you get up and feed the birds“), and including a magnificent horns section (there’s even a trumpet solo and a trombone!).

And then, after a tale of love (“If you want these things, they’re more than dreams, just ring my doorbell“) and peace, when only a few seconds are missing to the end of the track, the tongue rolls straight into cheek, as Lennon’s ghost emerges to state “I’ll call you when you’re 110, and we’ll walk through the sunshine again“. I guess with life expectancy growing by the day, and 64 not being such a grand age anymore, it needed some upgrading….

The band have recently been playing various clubs in their home area, but are surely preparing to network a long way around the globe: if there’s any divine justice, sounds this exciting should by far make them the Next Big Thing to emerge from Canada.

To download “Barcelona” for FREE, click here.

To visit the band’s Beatpick profile and hear the rest of their fantastic eponymous debut record, click here.

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