The Devotion of Steve Booke


Steve Booke has been teaching both acoustic and electric guitar for over 18 years, during which he has had various opportunities to participate in many guitar tribute albums for artists like Jason Becker, Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana. Some of which were featured on MTV and VH-1.


Devotion, an album entirely inspired by the viewing of Mel Gibsons, “Passion of Christ”, is full of magnificent acoustic guitar playing, and features ethnic percussions and occasional vocal interventions. This album is very spiritual and comes straight from the author’s heart and religious convictions. The first track on the album is “Transgression”, a bittersweet guitar tune with rhythmic bongos. The guitar gives off a profound sense of passion that tells a story of its own. Beautiful yet sad, this track makes my imagination bloom. Another favorite on this album is “A Mother’s Broken Heart”, Steve Bookes portrayal of Mary’s grief over Jesus, a track well titled. The gradual entrance of a solo acoustic guitar plays as if the chords are spoken words of a woman’s sorrow. A brilliant track to sit and reflect to.

Over all, this album is a powerful compilation of Steve Booke’s talent. Each track has an amazing emotional hold on any one who listens. If you love acoustic guitar and are in need of some healing powers, than this is just the album for you. So hear Devotion here first, at!


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