Beatpick Track of the Week: “Mushi Mushi” by Mooty

Remember the good old times in the eighties? All those bad haircuts? Billy Idol, Donna Summer and Samantha Fox?

Ah, yes…Those were the days. OK, so while you’re at it, now try remembering one of the most epic moments of your life back then. This is the picture: you’ve just tried loading a videogame on your Commodore 64 cassette recorder. Although you’re incredibly proud of this brilliant new machine, your first two attempts to load your latest game have failed tragically, leaving you waiting well over twenty minutes for a blank screen. Unimpressed, you’ve inserted the cassette and digited the magic words “Load” and “Run” in the incredibly technological DOS interface, for the third time. After quarter of an hour, you’re just about to give up, when suddenly….. A stream of light and colors appears on the screen, and a bizarre, electronic music has caught your attention. It’s the 1988 version of ecstasy, nirvana and heaven all in one. And, most of all it’s a moment that will stick that weird, unheard, minimalist music in your head forever.

And that’s exactly why at we’re so proud to introduce 8-bit music whizkid Mooty, who was probably too young for Commodore or Amiga glory days, yet has an incredible capacity for recreating exactly the sounds and moods of that decade.


All five tracks from his debut EP “Unlike Clockwork” are worthy of mention, but we’ll take “Mushi Mushi” as an example of what he’s able to create out of retro research, and most of all out of taste.

Combining modern day glitch beeps and buzzes of all sorts, Aphex Twin-influenced stop-and-go rhythm motions and faithful eighties keyboards and sound effects, what emerges is a masterful upgrade of all melodies composed by uncredited and undiscovered geniuses behind eighties videogames. And what’s more, this is a track with feeling: the keyboard melody doesn’t just sound cute, it sounds ROMANTIC. As romantic as Mario sliding down the platform of his wonderful world looking for mushrooms, or Donkey Kong finally saving his dad and earning a well-deserved hug….

To download “Mushi Mushi” for free, click here.

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