JFrank is IDM


When it comes to intelligent dance music, artists that usually come to mind are Aphex Twins or Autechre. Well… they used to come to mind, but now all I can think about is JFrank! Not only is JFrank co-founder of BrainStorm.org, a network of collaborating artists (among whom are designers, video and music makers) and a space on which to host the work produced, but JFrank is also the artist behind the Album of the Week here at BeatPick.com. JFrank’s album, which is one of many, JFrank06, is full of squelched beats, jagged synth lines, static washes, electrical shorts and weird sounds to match, making JFrank06 the epitome of IDM.



JFrank06 is intelligently produced and stimulates more than just the body, but the mind as well. The tempos on this album navigate a complicated musical landscape, each work gradually and effortlessly kicking it up a notch. The track “Sacrifice for the Company” has an oriental feel and is much calmer compared to the other creations on this album, not the stereotypical IDM but beautifully done non-the-less. I can imagine “Sacrifice for the Company” in the soundtrack for Kill Bill… to bad Tarintino missed out! “Stampede”, the sixth track on JFrank06, has high-tech and sci-fi written all over it. This tracks’ combination of synth, static washes and odd sounds are something to marvel at, it’s as if this track knows how intelligent it truly is; stating “Don’t Dance-Listen. I’am Intelligent Dance Music!”

JFrank defies rhythmic convention so seamlessly that it would be a shame not to hear this new talent amongst the chaos of the music world. Even his live performances are something to see, especially since he sports a frightening wolf mask on-stage, something that makes us BeatPickers love him even more! All in all, JFrank is the whole package and more. The album in its entirety is extremely creative and worth the listen and deserves respect! So give a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T., and listen to JFrank06 here at BeatPick!

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