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    If you didn’t know already, here at we are big fans and faithful followers of Creative Commons (CC), but in order to sustain Creative Commons, fundraising is crucial!

CC needs support in order to guarantee access to scientific, cultural and educational content that is pre-cleared for use by its authors. This in-turn brings a balance into the fragile network of digital technologies by enabling a participatory culture; “A culture in which everyone can actively engage in the creativity that surrounds us (CC Blog).” This is the legal frame work behind Beatpick, a fair way in dealing with Independent artists who want recognition of their work, need the publicity- but are unable to do so (unless of course, they sign over the rights of their work to money-hungry music labels = unfair!).

All Beatpick musicians and fans should know that if it was not for Creative Commons, BeatPick might not have existed at all! But with enough support, Creative Commons can raise awareness and educate communities on a global scale! If you believe in the cause like we do here at, then join the fundraising campaign and let’s make a difference together!

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