Beatpick Track of the Week: “You Are My Girl” by Sharif

If you haven’t heard of Sharif yet, believe us, it’s only a question of time. Having toured both the US and Europe in support of his first two albums (250 shows just last year!), the American songwriter is working his way to an ever wider fanbase, while perfecting a style that has little to envy when compared to million-selling records.

His latest work “Surrogate Lovers” is truly one of those records that is difficult to get out of your head: a catchy blend of American Oriented Rock-Pop, British taste for melody and unexpected, subtle moments of instrumental wisdom.


Many are the tracks that are worthy of mention, from TV-friendly semi-ballad “Simple Ways” to reflective, refined masterpiece “Respect“. Yet the outstanding record opener “You Are My Girl” is a notch above the rest, and has soon become a favorite.

A romantic, bittersweet love declaration (“My Life is insane because you’re in it, just sit back and indulge it for a minute“), the song bases its’ strength on the author’s powerful and expressive voice, revolving around melodies that pulsate energy in every line, sending the listener back to such inspirational work as Elliott Smith‘s (Sharif himself quotes the unfortunate genius as one of his main influences). Yet the high-quality production makes this a mainstream-oriented potential classic, rather than an indie cult object. And that’s why, here at we’re ready to bet on this very special songwriter’s future.

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