Special thanks to Jamendo and One Laptop per Child Association

One Laptop per Child Association (OLPC) is a non-profit organization focused on providing children around the world with $100 laptops. Thanks to the OLPC, children in developing countries will finally have access to opportunities never thought possible before. $100 laptop per child exposes these children to world ideas, contributing to the world as a whole, bringing knowledge and opportunities to areas where global information was previously deemed unattainable.

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Jamendo, a free music community where artists allow everyone to download and share their music, joined with OLPC to bring a selection of Creative Commons music for their laptops. Jamendo’s founder Sylvain Zimmer, stated that “It makes a lot of sense for us to help OLPC because their laptop is an excellent way to extend the music sharing values we defend to the developing countries and to children in particular (Jamendo Blog) .”

Thanks to Jamendo, BeatPick was able to contribute to this cause by placing music compilations of Beatpick artists on the $100 laptops. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity for BeatPick and Jamendo to lend a helping hand, but it also advertises the amazing aspects of Creative Commons, something that both companies truly believe in. Here at BeatPick.com, we are blessed and honored to be working with Jamendo and the OLPC project!


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Jamendo and BeatPick

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