Sharif, Surrogate Lovers

Surrogate Lovers, the latest record by Sharif, is a phenomenal pop rock album with beautifully and poetically written lyrics. Im amazed at how easily Sharif can express himself instrumentally, lyrically and vocally.



Tracks like “You Are My Girl” and “Surrogate Lovers”, are upbeat optimistic songs of love and life that sounds similar to “Ill Be There for You” by the Rembrants or better known as the famous theme song for the show Friends. In fact, this entire album would be great tracks for comedy or drama TV series. One of my favourite tracks on this album is “Sweet Angel”, a song with a softer side to Sharif’s pop style with a taste of country love guitar twang and piano. Sharif’s innovative sound truly makes this a CD worthy of weeks on repeat in your stereo; I just hope your speakers are just as worthy! “Paradise”, track number nine, has an ethnic feel with a strong guitar presence that’s simply irresistibly charming.

Overall, I can’t seem to find one track on this album that I dislike, and neither can my colleagues (which is rare considering how picky Beat Pickers are)! Each track is lyrically smart with attractive vocals to match, (not to mention the fact that Sharif is unbelievably handsome- the next Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams). Sharif’s confidence is literally bursting from this album and I bet if Elliot Smith were alive today they would have had much to collaborate on. Currently, Sharif is working on a new record that us Beat Pickers can’t wait to get our hands on. If the next album is anything like Surrogate Lovers, it will be far far FAR! from disappointing. Check Surrogate Lovers here at and be amazed for yourself!

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  1. Jaden says:

    My girlfriend is obsessed with this album!

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