Im Anita, Trio Album Review


trio_cover.pngIm Anita, a jazz trio from Italy (Mattia Borraccetti, Maurizio Diomedi, Matteo Ciminari), have put together Trio, an album with a comic edge. In 2005, Im Anita were finalists at the fourth International Festival of Silent Cinema set to live music, composing and interpreting the soundtrack of the film “A woman” by Charlie Chaplin. It’s clear that Im Anita do wonders with their skills in theatrical representations; each track in this album has a life of its own so forget narrative!

The first track on the album “Plantinga”, is a more tranquil instrumental then the rest of the album but still carries a fun vibe with a funky guitar mid track. “Le Voyage Dans La Luna”, assuming the track is named for George Melies 1902 film A trip to the Moon, is well titled. Just listening to this track feels as if you’re being entertained by a sad and funny clown in outer space (weird example I know but so true!). It’s Slapstick all the way with this track. There are great samples added in and a drum solo for suspense, really making it seem as if we are watching a trapeze act- even more so when an applause sample finishes off the track. Not every track holds a fun vibe, “Domenico N8”, is the only jazz ambient track on the album. The percussion and guitar are gentle and have a slight ethnic feel to it, giving some variety to Trio.

Im Anita has a lot more going for them besides just this album. In 2001, they created a project known as MMM Flying Studios, an experimental traveling recording studio which aims to ‘immortalize musicians’ works and the sounds of the most varied social contexts, a project that they continue today. Creative projects like the MMM Flying Studios really show how important music and art are for these three artists. Creative and professional, this jazz trio are flawless in my eyes and their album Trio is flawless to my ears. Listen and be entertained by Trio, here at!


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