Fedora Package 8


If you’ve ever played free games online then you must know Fedora, a Linux based operating system that hosts the latest in open and free source software. This global community operating Fedora is known as The Fedora Project, which is leading the advancement of open software and content online. In-fact, not only can you download and play the games for free but you can create and add onto the game itself. With over 150 games available for free, it’s hard to find the right music with the right copyright. Fedora had recently discovered that the music in their game RocksnDiamonds was restricted by copyright and they would have been forced to leave the game out of the Fedora 8 package! Luckily for Fedora, BeatPick had just what they were looking for.

A Crowning Experience “Off Rythm” and Synthead’s “Come to Me” were picked for the RocksnDiamonds game which is featured in the updated Fedora 6, 7 and 8 packages. Without this collaboration, it would not have been possible for Fedora to keep the game. This is just another example of how ridiculous copyright can be and lead to a projects arrested development. Linux games are non commercial and are guaranteed fun for users all over the world, who wouldn’t want to be apart of it?!

Not only does BeatPick look forward to possible future collaborations but we can’t wait to play the latest games! To play the coolest games on the web FREE thanks to The Fedora Project, click on this link and bring it on!


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