Fiera di Roma, Midia & Romics

Last month BeatPick joined hundreds of international businesses at the Digital Entertainment & New Media exhibition at the new Fiera di Roma, in Rome Italy. The Fiera di Rome is one of two exhibition centers in Italy.

BeatPick had a great time at the event and planning weeks in advance was well worth it. The stand, located in the Midia section next to Romics (comics and animation festival) looked amazing and BeatPick artists could be heard throughout the event. I guess you could say BeatPick brought the “party”! The speakers for the event were connected to three motion detector flat screens with animated graphics created by Sara Taigher, a video graphic designer. Each screen was based on a particular genre with graphics and music blasting the second a person stood in front of a particular screen.

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Fiera di Roma, October 2007

Benjamin Ginsborg, one of many BeatPick employees in charge of artist submissions assisted at the event stating,

“Midia event is a great opportunity for any type of business- even small businesses have a chance to network with bigger giants in the industry. We’ve already made some great connections, and who would’ve thought that Batman, Darth Vader and Donald Duck would actually visit a installation? Not only did I witness them jump from screen to screen but Darth actually got along with Batman.”

To check out the event and see a calendar for future exhibitions at the Fiera di Roma click here.

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