ENZIMI & BeatPick

Enzimi is an organization focused on letting the Talent Out, literally!
Their focus is on promoting emerging art, music, trends and crazy new ideas that other wise lacks attention. Next Thursday, November 29th, the attention will be focused on BeatPick artists accompanied by live visual art! Together with Enzimi, this artistic event will be held at Mattatoio Testaccio in Rome, Italy at 10pm. No entrance fee (view map).


Im Anita, one of BeatPicks newest additions to our jazz selection will be performing live with a short film. They have won many awards for adapting their music to classic short films so don’t miss out! Also performing will be Leo Pari, our Italian rock funk artist with visual artist Dj Patchwork Video Crew. Our drum & bass kings, electronica masterminds and minimal down-tempo geniuses, Intiman, Autobam, Egocentrix and Sinapsya will be accompanied by Peter Damianovich and Sara Taigher’s live visuals. Rome has been dieing for an event like this so if you’re in the neighborhood come and see what will be the coolest independent artistic event to hit Rome’s doorstep.

(view map to event)


UPDATE: The event was fantastic! The crowd was pumped, the music was blasting and the visual art was amazing! If you missed out, to Bad- you should have been there! But don’t worry, pictures of the event will be coming soon and pasted below is a bit of the action ;)!




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