Really Meaningfull Ringtones

really-meaningful2.JPG This week Ca$h4Otterz, Really Meaningful Ringtones has the BeatPick offices in an uproar. Not only is this album amazing to us here at, but fans of our site have been sticking to his profile page like a Rolling Stones groupie . If I could choose an album of the month, Really Meaningful Ringtones would be the chosen one! Eamon Hamill a.k.a. Ca$h4Otterz, originally from New Jersey and currently chillin and producing music in London, is making his mark in the music industry. With poetic rhythm and impressionistic storytelling like that of Mike Skinner a.k.a The Streets, Cash4otterz produces more than just stimulating lyrics but intelligent beats as well.

In the crazy world of electronica pop, glitch and IDM, it’s easy to miss the target. Apparently not for Ca$h4otterz who hit a bullseye with his reaktor based assorted production techniques and his bad ass underground sound. The first track on the album is titled “HMT” that is just a taste of the amazing songs to follow. Ingeniously produced with spacey lazer samples and the gradual introduction of a light piano in the background is a treat to the ears. Diverse and divine!

“Body Spray” and “Patisan Wedding” are two tracks on Really Meaningful Ringtones, that reminds me of Hard fi’s style, like that of “Cash Machine”. Both have an air of coolness about them and are quick to grab attention; it’s poetic justice in experimental glitch. “Partisan Wedding” is a bit more fun with a fearful beat, something that would fit naturally into the soundtrack of Natural Born killers, especially with similar vocals like that of Leonard Cohen in his later years.

Two favorites on the album is “The Cannibal Problem ” and “Im so glad you came”, both which will probably end up being tracks of the week in the near future. In-fact, sitting here writing the title has just made me realize what exactly is Ca$4hotterz’s cannibal problem! Of course you’re going to have to find that out for yourself when you hear the lyrics ;). This track is strong with glitch, the electronic beat is really good and the chorus has an unforgettable rhythm. You can’t help but feel like an ‘all -knowing’ super human when you listen to it, and not to mention amazingly hip. “Im so glad you came” comes as no surprise, talented experimental glitch that turns into a gradual chaotic movement at the end of the track- it has bad ass written all over it.

I don’t want to give away all the goods but its hard to keep my mouth shut. Really Meaningful Ringtones is a hidden treasure chest and Im out to expose its worth! Its got some rubies, and Hard Fi, pearls and some DaftPpunk , diamonds and Aphex Twins, and The Crystal Method inside. Don’t miss out on whats driving my neighbors crazy, hear the full album free right here at!


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