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Tobor Experiment; QOOB Tech Stuff

  Tech Stuff is QOOB Factory’s first Production. The idea, generated by QOOB user/BeatPick artist Tobor Experiment, is a documentary about electronic music consisting of rare footage, performance excerpts and interviews. Consisting of ten episodes, Tech Stuff shows the history … Continue reading

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Neoromantic Pop!

Whiteroom, a Montreal band headed by Alex Dray and Eddy Silva, is attracting much attention thanks to a well-orchestrated series of tracks that swing between many moods, with an undeniable fascination for the sulky laments of Thom Yorke & co … Continue reading

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Fedora Package 8

If you’ve ever played free games online then you must know Fedora, a Linux based operating system that hosts the latest in open and free source software. This global community operating Fedora is known as The Fedora Project, which is … Continue reading

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