Les Plus Belles Chansons




NustyRecords are sound scientists, exploring, creating and modifying what I like to call the ‘Frankenstein’ of music; Digital Sound. Besides researching sound and wave modulation in their laboratory, this brilliant duo like taking their experiments to the streets, performing at random public locations and interacting sound with the rush hour traffic. Their latest creation from the lab is Les Plus Belles Chansons, an album that sets the par for down tempo experimental electronic sound.

Les Plus Belles Chansons consists mostly of gentle electronic rhythms and melodies that sound a lot like another BeatPick artist, KingBastard. Many digital sound experimentalists are radical and tend to step over the fine line of intelligent music into confusing noise. Les Plus Belles Chansons on the other hand, is an experimental album that’s smooth, easy on the ears and yet still cutting edge, reminding me of a particular Bjork masterpiece, “Hyperballad”. Take “Apostrophe” for example, this track is beautifully dreamy mainstream electronica with just a pinch of glitch and IDM. The subtlety in this work is perfect – just the right equation. “Flight Corridor” and “A Kurakowa” seem to be the glimpse into NustyRecords creations to come. Both tracks start off a bit eerie than the rest of the album, and like the previous tracks they gradually become ambient digital sound-scapes. Yet, the longer the album plays the farther from conservative it gets, which I suspect to be Nustyrecords true style. The later tracks on the album are probably closest to what they have in mind in pushing the limits of digital sound, much like that of Aphex Twin and Pan Sonic.


Les Plus Belles Chansons is research gone right, a creation that Victor Frankenstein would most definitely approve of ;). Each track’s unique and underlying some-what conservative attitude is what makes this album great for more than just electronica gurus, but for those who need that gentle guiding hand into the world of intelligent electronic music. What are you waiting for? Take my hand and listen, here the full album right here at BeatPick.com!



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