You Are A Hologram


I know you’ve been waiting to hear about the latest of the latest in music and so it brings me great pleasure to introduce you to the album of the week, self titled EP, You Are a Hologram. Eddi Mangrum and Matt Michiels are the brains behind this electric rock album that borders between modernity and classic rock with a definite Blue Oyster Cult influence. You may ask yourself, does this album need more cowbell? Not at all, because this album is the Rolls-Royce of Oysters!

youareahologram.jpgYou are a Hologram is a collection of amazingly produced tracks. First to hit our ears on the album is the opening track “Under the Water”, which is probably the finest example of the Nashville duo’s songwriting skills. With its emotional and inspiring semi-ballad, this track’s structure is just a taste of this albums unique and intense style.

“Giant Little Gods” has an edgier more rock base but gradually calms into a very relaxing tune and then shoots right back to rock again. This style is evident throughout the album and is what I believe to be one of the key factors in making this album a success, the subtle emotions will not drive you away but bring you closer!

Honestly, I could talk on and on about You Are a Hologram but I don’t want to give away the goods! Its combination of influences and sounds, from Built to Spill, My Bloody Valentine, Blue Oyster Cult to The Who, this album is absolutely brilliant and gets two thumbs up from us BeatPickers. Catch up on whats hot, hear the full album here at!


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