Beatpick@Enzimi 2007

On the 29th November 2007, a variegated and brave (it was pouring with rain outside!) crowd assembled at the ex-Mattatoio of Rome to participate in an evening organized by

The magnificent location was packed with interactive installations organized by the best projects chosen in the Enzimi 2007 contest “Talent’s out!”, including treasure hunts for hidden teddy bunnies, free food hung on clothe-dryers, video-art installations…. and Beatpick’s very own fire-spitting dragon!



The evening kicked off with jazz trio I’m Anita, whose masterful real-time synchronization of 20s mute films astonished the crowd both for originality and audacity.

DJ Coppola’s Beatpick selection was followed by a semi-acoustic exhibition by Leo Pari, who re-proposed the show he successfully brought to the Beppe Grillo V-Day public.

From then on, the night belonged to some of Beatpick’s most brilliant Electronic artists. Autobam, accompanied by Video-art master Quayola, gave a demonstration of pure class with his intricate minimalist experiments, while milanese duo EgocentriX got the whole house dancing with their Electro-groove bulldozer tunes.

Last but not least, Synapsya’s thought-provoking beats and waves closed the evening with an emotional twist. was extremely honored to be part of such an important event, and is also terribly proud of the result. All through the evening people stopped by our stand, receiving free compilations, and discovering our philosophy.

If you missed out, too bad – you should have been there! But don’t worry, here are a few goodies from the evening!

First of all here are links to download all the live sets by artists:


Leo Pari pt.1
Leo Pari pt.2

I’m Anita pt.1

I’m Anita pt.2





And if that weren’t enough, here are some links to get photos of the event:


photos of Beatpick@Enzimi2007




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