Jordan Woollen

Jordan Woollen’s self titled album is one of the newest additions here at and what an amazing one at that! This album reflects every genre of music with a mix of vocals, instrumental, sound samples, electronic and big beats with a touch of classical drizzled here and there. Each track will have you guessing what Jordan Woollen’s musical influences really are. From Chemical Brothers, Technotronic to NWA and The Cure, each track is an unexpected but welcoming surprise that will leave you hungry for more.

It’s no wonder that many of Jordan’s tracks have already been licensed in the past to VH1, MTV and Fox Sports. His range of creativity can work with any project, making this album perfect for any tv or film spot. “Venice beats”, is one of many tracks on this album that fit a specific mood, this one in-particular would work perfectly in a bad-ass movie. The intro begins with an eerie finger snapping and lone whistle. The gradual additions of beats and subtle synths turns this threatening eerie track into a cool and dangerous one. “Venice Beats” has  Quentin Tarantino and Jason Bourne written all over it. Other top picks on Jordan Woollen’s album are “Dub Trip”, “Catalina”, “Funk Junk”, “Dramatic” and “Pimp 2NS”.

Although each song is unique, there’s an underlining base of electronic and IDM in each track. Could intelligent dance music be Jordan’s main muse? Who knows, all we care about is that fact that this album’s creativity rocks! You can get funky with “Funk Junk”, big pimpin with “Pimp This” or sophisticated with the track “Dramatic”. Nothing on this album will bore you, if anything it will leave you pumped up and starving for more. What ever your choice, Jorden Woollen offers a buffet of musical genres- so take your pick and fill your plate right here at!

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