The Latest Success Stories!

Long time, no write….

Yet at we’ve hardly had a second for breathing over the last couple of months, while discovering new talents (check out our brand new music section on the homepage), and following some of our favourite artists in their latest successes.

At the beginning of the year English adopted Italo-songwriter Cris Tanzi scored her second personal featuring slot on a Mercedes Benz mixtape, with her gorgeous tune “The Storm” (download for free, by clicking here), a love song with a tortured dark twist. At this very moment Cris is touring the USA for the very first time, and we’d love to wish her all the best of luck in conquering New York & co…. To view her tour dates, check out her MySpace page


Also, why not give a look to her video for her album’s opening song, “Enough”? Here‘s the link to this cute, lo-fi promo (You’ve got to love those dancing dinosaurs!).

Meanwhile, electronic mad scientist, software creator and Qoob mastermind Tobor Experiment‘s “Failure #5” (to download the track for free, click here) was licensed for a most ambitious and brilliant project: the “Cloud” Installation by Troika for British Airways at Heathrow Airport. What is it? I’ll leave the description to the creator himself:

” ‘Cloud’ is a five meter long digital sculpture whose surface is covered with 4638 flip-dots that can be individually addressed by a computer to animate the entire skin of the sculpture. Flip-dots were conventionally used in the 70s and 80s to create signs in train-stations and airports. We were fascinated by their materiality, by the way they physically flip from one side to the other. The sound they generate is also instantly reminiscent of travel, and we therefore decided to explore their aesthetic potential in ‘Cloud’. ”

Want to see it at work, creating cool, futuristic patterns? Want to hear how well Tobor Experiment’s music fits with the artwork? Check out the video, here. I hope passengers don’t miss their flights while staring at it!!!!!
Last but hardly least, we’re delighted to hear our very own Demetrios Katis, Greek composer of Epic Scores, won the First Prize at the Los Angeles Music Awards in the Classical section. A truly deserved accomplishment, in an already a success-filled career (Demetrios is part of the obligatory study program for all Greek music conservatories). Click here to see Demetrios picking up the prize! You can also download one of his magnificent battle themes for free, by clicking here! Be warned, it’ll make you want to dress up like a warrior and go looking for some orcs!

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  1. Love the video for enough…haha love the dinosaurs…

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