Beatpick album of the moment: Jamison Young!

“Shifting Sands of a Blue Car” is Australian songwriter Jamison Young‘s latest collection of songs. A marvellous ride into the narrative and creativity of a probably underestimated master of composition. Teaming up with producers Pete Wells, Antonio Dixon & Tim Powles (drummer & producer of band The Church, 80’s super group from Australia), Jamison has found a very personal, varying and deeply interesting way of expressing the experience gathered during lengthy travelling all over Europe, in elegant ballads and midtempo rock songs, embellished by high quality arrangements of sorts (from trumpets to strings, from piano to electronica).

In fact, in a certain sense one could say his works are an underground, humble and European response to Sufjan Stevens‘ over-the-top travelling songbooks about American states.


Some of our favourite tracks on the album are opener “How Far”, a semi-folk reflection on life envisioned as a journey (“How Far can a Straight Line go?” questions the chorus), joyful, midtempo soul-rocker “Soldiers of Happiness”, with its’ hooky trumpet riff, and closing ballad “Walk the Streets”, an almost Springsteen guitar-centered composition.

Yet, if you don’t know where to start on this record, we suggest “Top of the Hill”, a groovy, Beck-inspired, tongue-in-cheek parade through the wonders of what inspired Folktronica can create at its’ best.

Jamison is currently living in Norway, and is deeply involved in research and reflection circa the Creative Commons world and philosophy. If interested, we suggest you visit his very well managed website, and his challenging, constantly updated blog.

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  1. Jessica Jung says:

    hey this artist is great, thanks for the music and keep up the great work!!
    -ciao from Florida!

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