Finally the blog is back on full roll.

We are indeed writing from a gorgeous new office in central Rome, Italy, and though the move has been rather frantic, things have been moving steadily and successfully forward.

On the licensing front much has happened. Free online dancing videogame Audition has licensed 10 of our tracks that can be heard during the game, from Italian dance producer Acidman to retro-groove architect Synthead, from gangsta rapper Tony Cash to Swedish pop-rock band Mole, plus many more. The game got the whole office dancing away, so why not give it a try, it’s truly entertaining stuff.

Although we can’t reveal the title of the film (as it has still not been released), Twentieth Century Fox has licensed Australian songwriter Jamison Young‘s excellent track Memories Child for an upcoming blockbuster film. Obviously we’re very excited by the possibility to hear one of the tracks from our catalogue in a Hollywood production. Just a slight hint: it has something to do with aliens…

Italian regional candidate, and successively winner of the run for president of the Lazio region Nicola Zingaretti also licensed a track, Sharif‘s You’re My Girl (an all time favourite from our catalogue), for his political campaign videoclips. Given the final result, it was a fortunate choice!

What’s more we have recently signed a deal with historical Hip-Hop label Syntax Records allowing us to work with their music offline (ie. for licensing opportunities). So although you won’t be seeing any of their exceptional records on our site, any professional needs for Hip Hop or similar can be met with cream of tha crop productions!


Ultimately, we’d love you to check out some of the newest entries to our catalogue: You Are A Hologram‘s guitar-driven second offering of excellent Indie Rock, Songs for the Ether; the highly entertaining refined power-pop by Maryz Eyez; Italian based projects sMk (avant-electro-Jazz) and Ad Libitum, where the sounds of an analogic flute meet Ambient electronica in a truly original fashion.


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