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BeatPick Album of the Week: asbestoscape

Ah, the world of Heavy metal. So many would agree to put it down as an immature, poorly refined genre, based on adolescent testosterone or virtuoso antiques. Yet this would be a big mistake. Few genres have been as open … Continue reading

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Aliens, Cars and… Venture Capital!

We can finally reveal which blockbuster film 20th Century Fox licensed our very own Jamison Young‘s great track “Memories Child” for… If the image isn’t enough of a hint, or if you live in a bunker with no TV, the … Continue reading

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BeatPick album of the week: “Arrivals and Departures” by Minimalist Orchestra

The Mind behind Minimalist Orchestra is Scooter Vineburgh. Having started his musical experience as a percussionist, Scooter eventually found his songwriting dimension in the use of Roland‘s original Handsonic, the HPD-15. The songs written this way gave birth to the … Continue reading

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